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Warrior Crate

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Warrior Crate
Icon box Warrior crate.png
Xbox One
Cost to buy?

The Warrior Crate is now a discontinued crate.

The Warrior Crate is a Xbox only exclusive limited edition crate in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Warrior Crate is only purchasable from December 7 - 10th if players paid $9.99 USD to get it. After December 10th, the crate gets discontinued and you're unable to buy it.

When opened, players were rewarded with the Warrior Crate which contains;

Image Name Category
Xbox Balaclava.png Green Pattern Balaclava Masks
Icon equipment Feet Xbox Boots.png Green Pattern Hi-top Trainers Shoes
Icon equipment Legs Green Pattern Pants.png Green Pattern Pants Pants
Xbox T-shirt.png Green Pattern T-shirt Shirts


Q: Where can I buy this crate/pack? | A: Here, but your unable to buy it anymore.

The full Warrior outfit