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Trevno is a minor city in the Vikendi map in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Trevno, located near the Northeastern coast of the island, it's the nursing home of Vikendi. Trevno was a place where the poorer families of Vikendi went to live. Many of those who were lucky enough to have steady work were employed by the Zupan company (who hand stitched every dinosaur plushie sold by Dino Park). Being relatively far away from the island’s other destinations and with only their old lighthouse as a tourist spot, Trevno was never high on must-see lists. The low tourism income led to infrastructure in need of repairs and a large pipeline explosion didn’t make tourists feel much safer. Trevno suffered from numerous accidents and raids, most of the facilities are not fully operational. Vikendi officials say they will be planning to rebuild the town, however, local residents are already disappointed and are only waiting for foreign support [1] [2].

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