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There are a variety of vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS are vitally important to map movement, largely because of how far apart players are often placed. Once the initial close groupings of players are dealt with, movement into the center of the map is important, as the outer limits will shrink. Additionally, unless a headshot or other body shot is directly targeted, the player won't take significant damage while moving in a vehicle, hugely increasing their longevity.

Common questions

Q: How do you gather these new vehicles before PUBG Corp even announces them?

A: Mostly thanks to Reddit, more specifically the /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit. Dataminers look at the game files every time the game updates and see what new content, files or even code that's in-game.

Update history

Pre-release #28
  • Vehicles Effects Improvement
    • Added vehicle lighting effects.
      • Vehicle headlights, tail lights and dashboard are turned on when the vehicle’s engine starts.
      • The lights are only local visual effects and will not illuminate the surrounding areas.

Pre-release #27

  • Gameplay Balance
    • Vehicles now block players from receiving grenade damage with a similar mechanism used for other objects. Although, depending on grenade position and trajectory, damage can still be dealt to players hiding behind vehicles.

Vehicle categories

Drivable vehicles

Icon Vehicle Occupants Top Speed Type Health
Vehicle car buggy icon.png
Buggy 2 •• 100 Km/h Land ~ 1540
Uaz 469 icon.png
UAZ (Open Top) 5 ••••• 105 Km/h Land ~ 1820
Uaz 469 icon.png
UAZ (Closed Top) 5 ••••• 115 Km/h Land ~ 1820
Vehicle Snowmobile icon.png
Snowmobile‎‎ 2 •• N/A Land N/A
Vehicle bike sidecart icon.png
Motorcycle (w/ sidecar) 3 ••• 130 Km/h Land ~ 1025
Vehicle bike icon.png
Motorcycle 2 •• 152 Km/h Land ~ 1025
Vehicle car tuktuk.png
Tukshai 3 ••• N/A Land N/A
Vehicle scooter icon.png
Scooter 2 •• N/A Land ~ 1025
Vehicle car dacia icon.png
Dacia 1300 4 •••• 139 Km/h Land ~ 1820
Vehicle car mirado icon.png
Mirado 4 •••• 152 Km/h Land N/A
Vehicle minibus icon.png
Van 6 •••••• 110 Km/h Land ~1680
Vehicle pickup icon.png
Pickup 4 •••• -72 Km/h Land N/A
Vehicle Rony icon.png
Rony 4 •••• 110 Km/h Land N/A
Vehicle boat pg117 icon.png
PG-117 5 ••••• 90 Km/h Water ~ 1520
Vehicle jetski icon.png
Aquarail‎‎ 2 •• 90 Km/h Water N/A


  • Attempting to exit a moving vehicle can result in player damage and even instant death as long as the vehicle is moving.
  • Tossing a Frag Grenade under a vehicle that has been flipped over can often flip it right side up (however this can also blow up the vehicle).
    • If a vehicle (works best with a UAZ) flips on its side on a flat surface, you can pop the tire that is in the air to flip it onto its wheels.
  • All drivable vehicles have poppable tires. If you exit your vehicle and don't want anyone else to drive it, it may be wise to shoot the tires of your vehicle.
  • Pay attention to your vehicle's health. If a vehicle sustains enough damage it can explode, resulting in serious player damage or death.
  • When shooting out of a vehicle as a passenger it is possible to kill/down other players that are in the same vehicle.
  • Be aware that other players, even enemy players, may enter a vehicle that you are driving.

Non-drivable vehicles

Icon Vehicle Occupants Type
Vehicle plane c130 icon.png
C-130 100 •••••••••• (x10) Air

Future vehicles

Video gallery

Related Achievements

Achievement Name Picture Description Platform


Jump out from an airplane 101 times.
Cruising with the Enemy

Achievement-Cruising with the Enemy.jpg

Get into a vehicle where an enemy player is already in.
Fast and Furious

Achievement-Fast and Furious.jpg

Kill 10 players by hitting them with a vehicle.
Fury Road

Achievement-Fury Road.jpg

Kill 10 players with a gun while in a vehicle.

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