Vehicle Repair Kit

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Vehicle Repair Kit
Icon Vehicle Repair Kit.png

The Vehicle Repair Kit (Mechanic’s Toolbox) is a consumable item for vehicles in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Item is currently only available for Custom Matches.



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Contains equipment you can use to fix damaged vehicles. It repairs a vehicle's health to 450 instantly. Performing certain actions while using this item will cancel it.''
~ In-game description

Update history

Pre-release #29

The Critical Response Kit and Mechanic’s Toolbox are being added exclusively for use through Spawn Kits in Custom Matches. These items cannot be found in standard matches.

  • New Custom Match Spawn Kit Items
    • Mechanic’s Toolbox – Using this toolbox in a vehicle will repair a certain amount of vehicle health.

Datamined Leak - 4/17/19

  • Official image of the Vehicle Repair Kit was found in datamined files of Update #28.

Datamined Leak - 12/07/18

  • The Vehicle Repair Kit was found in datamined files of the Vikendi update (Update #24).