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A new weapon the Mosin Nagant, the Vikendi (Season 7) map overhaul and Survivor Pass: Cold Front is on live servers.

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Season 8 - Now Live! - - 2020/07/22 08:57

PUBG Season 8 is now live! Our first release, Update 8.1, features the completely remastered Sanhok map, full of new locations, reworked favorites, a brand new visual overhaul, and a new way to gear u...

Who are the Sanhok 4? - - 2020/07/17 07:23

COMBATANT #13Operative Report S20Name: Duncan SladeKnown Aliases: NoneDate of Birth: November 19th, 1984Country of Origin: USAHair color: BrownEye color: BlueMarital Status: DivorcedChildren: 1 Daught...

Dev letter: Footstep Sound Rebalance - - 2020/07/15 07:00

Hello players,Sound is a topic brought up quite often in the community. We know that sound is extremely important to PUBG gameplay and while our goal has always been to offer a highly immersive, reali...

Update 8.1 - Patch Notes - - 2020/07/14 07:29

Season 8 is soon here and brings massive changes to the island of Sanhok, a new way to gear up with the Loot Truck, the start of the next Ranked Season, a new Survivor Pass, and loads more. Update 8.1...

PCS 1 Weapon Skins - Sale Extension - - 2020/07/07 02:07

Hi players,PCS 1 has wrapped up, but we're giving you more time to grab some of those awesome PCS 1 themed weapon skins and support teams who participated in the event.The sale of PCS 1 weapon skins h...

IP blocks[edit source]

Hello, Pcj here from the GRASP team. I noticed in the past you have used extended-length global blocks to combat vandalism from IP addresses/users who aren't logged in. Per "Blocking users" on the help wiki, the standard for IP address blocks is two weeks, as IP addresses are dynamically assigned (and the smarter vandals/spambots use proxies/VPNs to show a false IP anyway). It would be preferable to only use two weeks, or short of that, at least make the block only local to this wiki. I'll be unblocking users whose blocks are past the two week limit. If there are any problems with that we can address them as they arise. Thank you. --Pcj (talk) 14:55, 10 October 2017 (UTC)