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Dev Letter - Sound Improvement Plan Check up - - 2019/12/13 02:07

Hello players,Last August, the PUBG sound team announced a sound improvement plan for the second half of 2019. We wanted to give you an update on what’s been done so far as well as what still needs to...

PC Update 5.3 - Now on the Test Server - - 2019/12/11 09:20

It's been a hell of a year here at PUBG. Thanks for taking this journey with us. As we approach the holidays we're hard at work on some exciting new features for you to play in 2020. As season 5.3 sta...

PUBG Labs - Bluehole Mode - - 2019/12/05 08:54

Land, loot, and camp in the circle for the rest of the match no more. Circle squatters that felt safe not to engage the enemy will now be forced to keep it moving as a second Blue Zone is being added...

Holiday Skins available now! - - 2019/12/04 02:53

On the roof, some campers heard clop clop clop.Oh my gosh, is it Santa getting off those shots, shots, shots?The noise you hear on the roof isn’t reindeer, it’s a North Pole sniper - sporting sunglass...

PGC 2019 - Winner Winner Gen.G Eats PGC 2019 for Dinner - - 2019/11/25 07:54

The world watched as the final day of the PUBG Global Championship gave rise to a new battle royale esports champion, PKL’s Gen.G! Champion’s Journey Gen.G’s path to PGC victory was by no means a stra...

IP blocks[edit source]

Hello, Pcj here from the GRASP team. I noticed in the past you have used extended-length global blocks to combat vandalism from IP addresses/users who aren't logged in. Per "Blocking users" on the help wiki, the standard for IP address blocks is two weeks, as IP addresses are dynamically assigned (and the smarter vandals/spambots use proxies/VPNs to show a false IP anyway). It would be preferable to only use two weeks, or short of that, at least make the block only local to this wiki. I'll be unblocking users whose blocks are past the two week limit. If there are any problems with that we can address them as they arise. Thank you. --Pcj (talk) 14:55, 10 October 2017 (UTC)