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Top Speed:
115 km/h
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The UAZ is an off-road vehicle featured in BATTLEGROUNDS. The UAZ was first shown during the Vehicles dev log and has been in the game since the Alpha build stages.

The UAZ-469 was used by Soviet, Warsaw Pact armed forces, as well as paramilitary units in Eastern Bloc countries. In the Soviet Union, it also saw widespread service in state organizations that needed a robust and durable off-road vehicle. Standard military versions included seating for seven personnel. The UAZ presented two great advantages: it was able to drive in virtually any terrain and it was very easy to repair.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The UAZ is a reliable four wheel drive vehicle boasting excellent off-road capability. With a top speed of 115 km/h on level roads, the UAZ is surprisingly stable when cornering at high speeds and unlikely to roll over unless driving with reckless abandon or when steering across very steep slopes. The engine is rather noisy however and can alert enemies, as the ignition sound alone can be heard up to 125 meters away. Fuel consumption when at full throttle is quite high, owing to its design being catered to military demands - fuel efficiency not being one of them.

As with other vehicles, gas cans can be used while stationary to refuel, and a horn can be used to get the attention of teammates or anyone else within earshot of the horn.

Variants[edit | edit source]

Open Top[edit | edit source]


Of all the UAZ variants, the open top UAZ provides the least amount of protection to its occupants, therefore care must be taken when driving near buildings or other potential ambush points.

Soft Top[edit | edit source]


The soft top UAZ features a cloth material that covers the roof and area above the rear wheels. While it also provides no real protection against bullets, it does obscure the interior somewhat, at the very least making it less likely for attackers to make precise shots against anyone inside.

Hard Top[edit | edit source]


Providing substantially more protection than the open and soft top variants, the hard top UAZ features a metal roof and wider pillars, further decreasing the chance of a stray bullet making it into the passenger cabin.

Armored UAZ[edit | edit source]

Armored UAZ.jpg

Only obtainable by shooting a flare gun while outside of the current safe zone, the armored UAZ provides the most protection of any of the UAZ variants. A heavily uparmored hard top UAZ, it features uparmored doors and side panels along with reinforced framing and baffles over the windows and windshield that reduce the damage of incoming projectiles while preventing the occupants from shooting out. Despite the extra armor, persons inside may still be shot at through the side windows and rear, although the front windscreen will block bullets, encouraging use of the vehicle as a weapon by simply running attackers over.

Update history[edit | edit source]

Official release PC 1.0 Update - v3.5.5.6
  • Unified the sizes of all UAZ models, the number of seats decreased to 4.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to the patch, the UAZ had a fifth seat in the back, allowing for ambush attacks by a lone player on unsuspecting squads.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Vehicle audio[edit | edit source]

Audio Type Track preview
UAZ Honk