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Twitch Prime Box
Icon box Twitch Primebox.png
Cost to buy?
Free, Twitch Prime
Key needed to open?
Not Tradable, Marketable
Steam market (crate):

The Twitch Prime Box (June 2017) Crate is a discontinued crate.

Logos PUBG-Twitch Prime.png

The Twitch Prime Box (June 2017) is an exclusive crate in BATTLEGROUNDS for Twitch Prime members .

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Twitch Prime Box (June 2017) was a free exclusive crate that Twitch Prime players received when using their Twitch Prime (aka Amazon Prime) during that month of redemption [1].

Redemption period[edit | edit source]
  • Began on 6/9/17
  • Ended on 7/7/17

On 8/31/17, PUBG received a minor update that removed the Twitch icon near your username to link your Twitch account to PUBG.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

  • Q: How do I get access to these skins?
A: You can either buy the crate or buy the skins individually (Balaclava, Shirt, Combat Pants and Boots).

Crate Items[edit | edit source]

Upon opening the crate, you get all these items.

Image Name Category
[[File:|52px]] Twitch Prime June Balaclava.png [[Twitch Prime Balaclava (June 2017)|]] Twitch Prime Balaclava (June 2017) Masks
[[File:|52px]] Twitch Prime June Boots.png [[Twitch Prime Boots (June 2017)|]] Twitch Prime Boots (June 2017) Shoes
[[File:|52px]] Twitch Prime June Jeans.png [[Twitch Prime Combat Pants (June 2017)|]] Twitch Prime Combat Pants (June 2017) Pants
[[File:|52px]] Twitch Prime June Shirt.png [[Twitch Prime Shirt (June 2017)|]] Twitch Prime Shirt (June 2017) Shirts

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