Weapon statistics are currently valid only as of from Early Access. The way weapon data is processed has been changed from this build forward, and as such, any statistical changes can only be surmised through testing and guesswork. Accordingly, this data should be treated as valid unless superseded by evidence to the contrary.

The Playzone

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The Playzone

The Playzone, also known as "The Circle," is the area where players must remain during the game. If outside of the playzone, players take damage. This forces players closer to each other as the game progresses in order to speed up the game.

Playzone / circle timings

Diameter, damage, survival and blue-to-white travel time information provided by Fugglet on Reddit[1] (circle size may be off by up to 10 meters).

As of 10/23/17, circle damage and survival times are incorrect. Circle got buffed and each circle after the first now does more damage the further outside the playzone you are.

The time between the first moment you can jump from the plane and the map showing the location of the first white circle is 1 minute 50 seconds[2].

Circle Time until blue circle starts to shrink White circle diameter Damage per second (before 2017-10-23 buff) Time until blue meets white Blue zone survival time
1 5 minutes 4550 m 0.4% 5 minutes 4 minutes 10 seconds
2 3 minutes 20 seconds 2970 m 0.6% 2 minutes 20 seconds 2 minutes 46 seconds
3 2 minutes 30 seconds 1480 m 0.8% 1 minute 30 seconds 2 minutes 5 seconds
4 2 minutes 740 m 1% 1 minute 1 minute 40 seconds
5 2 minutes 360 m 3% 40 seconds 34 seconds
6 1 minute 30 seconds 175 m 5% 30 seconds 20 seconds
7 1 minute 30 seconds 90 m 7% 30 seconds 15 seconds
8 1 minute 40 m 11% 30 seconds 10 seconds

When the blue circle meets the final circle 8, 3 minutes will pass before a 15 second countdown begins. It then takes 15 seconds for the blue circle to shrink to nothing.[3]

More Info

Reviving Teammates

Circle 6-8, do not help your downed mates outside the play area. Circle 5, you can survive for 2 ticks after being helped up, so you'd have to be close to to entering the circle. Circle 4, you can survive for 5 seconds - the player helping you will take 10% damage while helping you. Circle 1-4, help your buddies.


Damage ticks are sent to every player at the same time. (The first tick can happen anywhere from 0-1.) Every circle ticks damage each second. There's not a 9th circle, once the 8th circle hits the white circle - it simply pauses and then closes down completely. (Damage and everything is the same.) The 6th circle is the last circle where you can heal and run in. To win in the last circle if you can't see the last enemy, take a hit of damage from the circle, and pre-use your med kit 2 seconds before the last circle hits you.

Fun facts:

  • In the Battle Royale movie, it's a grid that seals off players. But in ARMA, PLAYERUNKNOWN couldn't code a grid, so the 'circle' became the new Meta.[4]


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