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What is the truck?

Chevrolet C/K

  The Pickup is based on the 1973 - 1987 Third generation Chevrolet C/K truck (also known as Silverado and “square-body”). The model of the truck is almost identical to real-life equivalent with some minor differences. Some of the differences include the grille, fender flares, and flared skirts. There are two variations of the truck in-game a open bed variation and a topped variation (known as a "Blazer" or "K5"). Chevrolet C/K trucks where categorized by weight capacity and 2WD or 4WD, and then designated with a C/K code. A "C10" was a 2WD half-ton truck and a "K30" was a 4WD full-ton truck.
  3rd gen Chevy C/K vs 6th gen Ford F-series

  - Hood and grille -
  Arrow colors indicate the make (yellow=Chevy: blue=Ford) and asterisk indicates ford in description
  1. Hood and fender separate on the top of the body
  *2. Hood does not change in length*
  3. raised stripe is more prominent and continues to the grille
  4. sharp corners

  - Side profile -
  1. side panel has concave curve at the top the runs the length of the truck
  2. roof seam is curved downward
  3. the edge of the side panel (fender) and hood is sharp, more box-like
  4. raise in the roof runs parallel to the fenders and does not curve
  5. top of the stripe begins the concave curve to the top rather than indented stripe
  *6. flared skirt and fenders*

  - Interior/Dash -
  1. 4 round gauge cluster on the left side
  2. 2 large round gauges in the center, speedometer and fuel
  3. instrument cluster is  segmented and bent towards driver at the crease
  4. instrument cluster is not flush with the passenger side dashboard
  5. decorative stripe on the passenger side with no glove-box

  - Tailgate -
  1. taillights wrap around to the side
  2. rectangular taillights
  3. roof brake light
  4. concave curve
  *5. bottom trim runs the bottom of the taillights*



  -- Brutalnessitiess


   The Pickup is based on the 1978 – 1979 Second generation Ford Bronco Pickup/Wagon. -- Azgoodaz (talk) 20:38, 12 December 2017 (UTC)

Other talk which is it? We have one person saying it's x, then another person saying it's y. To be honest, it looks a lot more faithful to a 3rd gen Chevy C/K, albeit with a few differences here and there, probably for artistic license, copyright issues or both. I've moved the IRL info to the trivia section and since there's quite a bit of photo evidence showing that it's heavily modelled after the Chevy with bits of a Ford Bronco mixed in (e.g. one of the available colour schemes), I've updated the page to reflect this. --Edbods (talk) 04:45, 7 February 2018 (UTC)