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A new weapon the Mosin Nagant, the Vikendi (Season 7) map overhaul and Survivor Pass: Cold Front is on live servers.

Survival Supply System/Survivor Pass: Vikendi

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Survival Supply System (Survivor Pass: Vikendi)
Weapon skin MadDog M16A4.png

Summary[edit | edit source]

For this event, the Survivor Pass: Vikendi replaced the current Season 1 items in the Survival Supply System with coupons. Coupons can be obtained by completing missions then you can exchange your coupons for exclusive Survivor Rewards.

Coupon Items[edit | edit source]

Name Image Category Coupons Needed
Parachute - Mountain Camo Icon gear Parachute Mountain Camo skin.png Parachute 12 Blue Coupons
Wool Scarf (Brown) Icon Mask Wool Scarf (Brown).png Masks 12 Blue Coupons
Ugly Holiday Hat Icon equipment Hat Ugly Holiday Hat.png Hats 10 Yellow Coupons
Ugly Holiday Sweater Icon equipment Shirts Ugly Holiday Sweater.png Shirts 10 Yellow Coupons
Ugly Holiday Gloves Icon equipment Hands Ugly Holiday Gloves.png Gloves 5 White Coupons
Snowmobile Racer Boots Icon equipment Feet Snowmobile Racer Boots.png Shoes 5 White Coupons
MadDog - M16A4 Weapon skin MadDog M16A4.png Weapon skin 12 Blue Coupons
Arctic Digital - Sawed-off Weapon skin Arctic Digital Sawed-Off.png Weapon skin 5 White Coupons
Arctic Digital - M249 Weapon skin Arctic Digital M249.png Weapon skin 10 Yellow Coupons
Arctic Digital - SCAR-L Weapon skin Arctic Digital SCAR-L.png Weapon skin 12 Blue Coupons