Survival Supply System

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Survival Supply System
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Looking for different progression? How about the Player Care Package / Event Pass.


What is the Survival Supply System? The Survival Supply System is a free form of progression in BATTLEGROUNDS unlike the Event Pass where you need to buy a pass in order to unlock all the rewards. By completing in-game missions, you earn XP and upon filling up the 'Survival gauge' every time you earn both a 'Survival level' and rewards. Missions get refreshed daily and weekly.[1]

There is no max level and no optional premium pass to purchase. The Survival Supply System is a semi-permanent Reward System, meaning that for the foreseeable future, there is no deadline to when you have to earn rewards by as there was with the Event Pass. PUBG Corp is discussing long term plans to make the Survival Supply System a seasonal thing to keep rewards fresh. [2]

The Survival Supply System was introduced in the Test Server PC 1.0 update #21.

Update history

Update #24 - vN/A

Update #23 - vN/A

  • Survival XP can now be earned while observing teammates.
    • This grants 50% less XP than while alive.

Maintenance update - v4.7.9.2 [3]

  • Fixed the issue where players received a temporary item for reaching level 10 in the Supply Rewards system.
    • Previously, players would receive permanent rewards every 10 levels gained, but because players started on level 1, the first permanent reward would be awarded at level 11. This was pretty confusing, so we've changed this to instead give permanent rewards at level 10 and then every 10 additional levels from there.
    • Each player who is higher than level 2 in the Supply Reward system has also been granted an additional level up reward for any confusion caused by the original implementation.