Suppressor (DMR, SR)

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Suppressor (DMR, SR)
Icon attach Muzzle Suppressor SniperRifle.png
Attachable Weapons
M24, AWM, SKS, Kar98k, Mk14 EBR‎, Mini 14, SLR, QBU
-5.00% Deviation
Reduces weapon sound

The Suppressor for DMR and SR is a muzzle type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS. Suppressors are attached to the muzzle of a gun and reduce muzzle report by packing baffles into a metal tube, causing expanding gas to be directed into the baffles, allowing more time for the gases to cool down, thus reducing the volume of a gunshot and making it much harder to pinpoint where the shot was fired from.

Summary[edit | edit source]

An extremely rare and highly prized attachment, besides completely eliminating muzzle flash, the suppressor more importantly reduces the distance at which gunshots can be heard and alters the muzzle report making it significantly more difficult to locate the shooter. These attributes mesh very well with the long range precision of DMRs and sniper rifles, allowing a shooter to potentially take out victims without them even being aware of the location of the shooter. It also has an unmentioned effect of a slight reduction in weapon deviation. The suppressor increases the length of the weapon, meaning that obstacles further away than usual will prevent the player from entering iron sights and can present an issue in confined spaces.

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