Spike Traps

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Spike Traps
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Spike Traps is a piece of equipment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

We almost named it Buffy.

Summary[edit | edit source]


Update history[edit | edit source]

Update #42 (Season 7 - Update 7.3)

Spike traps aren’t quite as effective as we hoped, so we’re increasing their length by 50% to make those trapped choke points more difficult to get around.

  • Spike Trap length increased by 50%

Update #36 (Season 5 - Update 5.3) - vN/A

  • Increased the overall number of spike traps spawned.

Update #35 (Season 5 - Update 5.2) - vN/A

  • Spike Traps puncture the tires of any vehicle that runs over the strip of spikes.
    • A Spike Trap can only damage one vehicle before it disappears.
    • Spike Traps puncture the tires of vehicles, but do not damage overall vehicle health.
  • Spike Traps are spawned at rates consistent with other throwables across all maps.
  • You can lay a Spike Trap by selecting it and pressing LMB. Once you've laid a Spike Trap, you cannot pick it back up.

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