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Shoes are a type of equipment in Battlegrounds.

As of now there are NO items in this category that provide capacity or protection. The only items that provide the capacity to carry more gear are the Utility Belt, Vests & Backpacks.

List of shoesEdit

Image Name Rarity
[[File:|52px]]   [[1.0/99 Shoes|]] #1.0/99 Shoes Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Bloody Sneakers|]] Bloody Sneakers Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Blue Biker Boots|]] Blue Biker Boots Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Blue Hi-top Trainers|]] Blue Hi-top Trainers Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Boots (Punk)|]] Boots (Punk) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Brown Hi-top Trainers|]] Brown Hi-top Trainers Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Captain's Loafers|]] Captain's Loafers Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Countryside Sneakers|]] Countryside Sneakers Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Escapee Shoes|]] Escapee Shoes Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Green Pattern Hi-top Trainers|]] Green Pattern Hi-top Trainers Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Grey Boots|]] Grey Boots Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Gunslinger’s Formal Boots|]] Gunslinger’s Formal Boots Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink)|]] Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink) Special
  [[File:|52px]] Hi-top Trainers [[Hi-top Trainers|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Hi-top Trainers (Red)|]] Hi-top Trainers (Red) Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Kicks (Red)|]] Kicks (Red) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Leather Boots|]] Leather Boots Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Leather Boots (Black)|]] Leather Boots (Black) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Leather Boots (Brown)|]] Leather Boots (Brown) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Loafers (Brown)|]] Loafers (Brown) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Long Leather Boots (Brown)|]] Long Leather Boots (Brown) Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Mau5hoes|]] Mau5hoes Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Military Boots (Black)|]] Military Boots (Black) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[PGI Ringside Shoes|]] PGI Ringside Shoes Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[PUBG 5 Hi-top Trainers|]] PUBG 5 Hi-top Trainers Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Sandals|]] Sandals Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[School Shoes|]] School Shoes Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[School Shoes (Beige)|]] School Shoes (Beige) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[School Shoes (Black)|]] School Shoes (Black) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[School Shoes (Brown)|]] School Shoes (Brown) Common
  [[File:|52px]] Slip-on Shoes [[Slip-on Shoes|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Slip-ons (Gray)|]] Slip-ons (Gray) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Slippers (Black)|]] Slippers (Black) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Snake Skin Sneakers|]] Snake Skin Sneakers Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Sneakers (Black)|]] Sneakers (Black) Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Sneakers (White)|]] Sneakers (White) Elite
[[File:|52px]]   [[Spa Sandals|]] Spa Sandals Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Striped Slippers (Pink)|]] Striped Slippers (Pink) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Traditional Hanbok Shoes|]] Traditional Hanbok Shoes Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Twitch Prime Boots (June 2017)|]] Twitch Prime Boots (June 2017) Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[VK Sneakers|]] VK Sneakers Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Velcro Trainers|]] Velcro Trainers Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Working Boots|]] Working Boots Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Zest Loafers with socks|]] Zest Loafers with socks Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Zip-up Boots|]] Zip-up Boots Event


  • Q: Where can I see region specific equipment skins?
A: You can head to variants.
  • Q: Where can I see unlisted skins?
A: You can head to shoes.