Red Zone

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Red Zone
Red Zone Map.png

Red Zone is a mechanic in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Periodically spawning, red circular zones are marked on the map for players to see. Bombs are dropped in the zone at random positions. It is a one hit kill if a player is directly hit - though being hit is still somewhat unlikely. You are safe inside buildings if you are not near windows or doors. Also can take cover under arches or other small structures like at Ruins on Erangel.

Rumors[edit | edit source]

  • It is rumored that the red zone appears on players who camp in position for an unknown amount of time, lands on areas that are heavy populated, or that it's completely random as the Developers have stated.
  • It is also rumored that a redzone indicates players within an area.
    • The YouTuber Wacky Jacky did a YouTube video with a whole lobby all grouped in the same location and the first red zone spawned across the map from every character, thus seeming to confirm the devs claim that the red zone spawns randomly

Gallery[edit | edit source]