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Range (Camp Jackal)
Developed by:
Madison (USA)
Dirt, Sea
Type of combat:
A expansive playground island

Range (Camp Jackal) is a unranked map in BATTLEGROUNDS on a 2x2km island. It's purpose is to test weapons and help players control weapons recoil.

  • The map started development in sometime in 2017 stated from a developer stream [1].
    • Training got revealed on August 22nd, 2018 [2].
    • This map was introduced in the Test Server PC 1.0 update #21.


Camp Jackal lets 5 - 20 players practice all aspects of PUBG, from driving the game’s various vehicles around the island’s race tracks, to practicing parachute landings on scattered targets, to mastering the perfect peek shot. There are even areas to practice vaulting, close-quarters combat and of course, vehicle jumps. Range will give new players a better understanding of the basics of navigation, looting, shooting, driving and parachuting. Casual players should have fun experimenting in our expansive playground environment; stunt driving, boat racing and exploring the island. More serious players should enjoy learning about deeper gunplay; how the attachments, scopes, recoil, zeroing and bullet-drop influence their shots.

Update history

Update #23 - vN/A
  • Made fixes and improvements to Training Mode.
    • Optimized moving targets. Basic function is same as before but the appearance is slightly changed.
    • Limited the maximum spawns of water vehicles (boat, aqua rail) to 2.
      • This is a temporary solution due to a performance issue, we will implement additional improvements in the future.
    • Reduced visual flickering of thin objects such as electrical wires.

Update #21 - v4.7.8.10

  • Added a Training Mode where you can practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay.
  • The Training Mode map is 2x2 in size.
  • You can join through matchmaking by clicking on the “Training Mode” button in the lobby.
    • When there are more than 5 players in the matchmaking queue, the session will start immediately. Players will continue to join open sessions for up to 5 minutes after they start. (Up to 20 per session)
    • If there are less than 5 players in the matchmaking queue, matchmaking will continue for 5 minutes.
    • If there are still less than 5 players after 5 minutes, the session will start with the original number of players present and other players cannot join the session.
    • Total play time is 30 minutes (e.g. in case of number 2, where you immediately enter a session, you have 5 minutes where other players can join the session + regular training mode playing time of 25 minutes).
    • Players cannot drop below 1hp in Training mode.
  • Vehicle tires can no longer be damaged.
  • Stun grenades and smoke grenades have been removed.
  • Added more gas cans so players can drive for longer.


  • August 22nd; Currently, you can't play on the map solo, only with 4 - 19 friends or 4 - 19 random players. [3]
    • Update: Added clarification on queues. Players will always solo queue and use the matchmaking system to find their session of 5 - 20 players. You will not need to find any other players yourself to jump in and play Training Mode.


Graphical map -

Range Map.jpg


All is subject to change as the area is still in development, but we wanted to share our vision of some of the training zone features as we work towards getting it ready for launch, which is currently targeting September.

  • Shooting range -
    • Incremental range:
      • 800m Range
      • 400m Range
      • Special 1k Range target
  • Courses -
    • Shooting
    • CQC (Close Quarters Combat)
      • Outdoor CQC
      • Indoor CQC
    • Melee
    • Throwables
    • Parkour
    • Parachute practice
  • Vehicle tracks -
    • Long track
    • Racing track
    • Off road
    • Stunt Ramps
    • Water Ramps


August 2018

  • Q: Why did Training/Shooting range come first to PUBG Mobile?
A: "We face different challenges to doing it on mobile and doing in on PC. We have different internally priorities for the PC version so it just takes some time." [4]
  • Q: Why not an offline shooting range?
A: "We'd love to add a sort of an offline shooting range type thing but we have some techinical issues  preventing us to do that at the moment. Let's see what we do in the future, but I can't say yes or no right now." [5]




Easter Eggs


WIP previews/concept art of Range.