Weapon statistics are currently valid only as of from Early Access. The way weapon data is processed has been changed from this build forward, and as such, any statistical changes can only be surmised through testing and guesswork. Accordingly, this data should be treated as valid unless superseded by evidence to the contrary.


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Map Coordinates

Pochinki is a major city in the Erangel map in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Pochinki is a large city that is around the center of the map. This is one of greatest places in the map to loot, since it contains many large buildings and it is really tight close quarters combat. However, lots of players know this, which means there will almost certainly be many landing around this city looking for the same things you're looking for. This means that landing here is a high-risk, high-reward situation.

Real-Life Counterpart[edit | edit source]

In real life, Pochinki is a small village in the Mordovia region in Russia. It's about 200 km (124 miles) west of Ulyanovsk and 700 km (435 miles) east of Moscow.

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