Patch Notes

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Patch notes

Looking for the Steam Early Access or Xbox Game Preview patch notes? You can find that page at Early Access - Patch notes.

The following are the official patch notes for BATTLEGROUNDS.


Steam -

Name Server Version Date Size Patch Notes
Exits Early Access/Full game release 12/21/17 12.6 GB Thread
Update #1 12/27/17 1.0 GB Thread
Minor Update 1/3/18 24.3 MB Tweet
Update #2 1/11/18 6.2 GB Thread

Name Server Version Date Size Patch Notes
Update #2 - 1/9/18 6.2 GB Thread


PC 1.0 Update #2 Follow Up: BP Compensation - - 2018/01/11 06:11

The scheduled maintenance for the PC 1.0 Update #2 has been completed.We would first like to offer our most sincere apologies to our users who could not fully enjoy the game because BP was not given o...

PC 1.0 Update #2 - - 2018/01/09 10:05

(15th Jan. Update - Biker items drop rate) Players, as we have said on numerous occasions, we are committed to creating a fair play environment in PUBG and are always looking for ways to decrease the...

Updated User Report Process - - 2018/01/05 08:01

Players, as you know, combating cheaters is one of our highest priorities at the moment and we are doing our best to reduce their numbers down to a minimum. We use a number of automatic and manual met...

PC 1.0 Update #1 - - 2017/12/28 02:09

Players,Today, we are going to deploy a patch and the live servers will be under maintenance for two hours. Before we dive into the patch notes, we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenie...

Gamescom Invitational Key Update - - 2017/12/21 11:03

Players, we would like to briefly talk about changes made to a current crate key to avoid any confusion. The crate key you may know by the name of Gamescom Invitational Key has changed it's name. This...