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Partner's Jacket

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Partner's Jacket
Icon equipment Jacket PJ 01.png
Not marketable / Not tradable
Hides vest:

The Partner's Jacket is an exclusive jacket in BATTLEGROUNDS for PUBG Partners.

Note: You'll need a PUBG partner account, working for or having a PUBG partner company/organization doesn't grant you the jacket.

Summary[edit | edit source]

A custom jacket for PUBG Partners.

Questions[edit | edit source]

  • Q: How do I get access to this skin? | A: You can't, it's not Not marketable / Not tradable and it's not available in crates. A normal 'player' of PUBG can't get this jacket. You'd need to apply to become a PUBG Partner.
  • Q: Can I hunt down a PUBG Partner in-game to put the jacket on for the rest of the match? | A: No. For people hoping to kill a partner in game to get this jacket, the jacket is not lootable. [1]

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