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Paramo Volanco.png
Developed by:
Co-developed studio:
South America
Volcanic Island
Molten lava
Game modes:
PC, Xbox One, PS4
Type of combat:
Medium-range, CQC (Close Quarters Combat)

Paramo is the 6th playable map for BATTLEGROUNDS, Paramo is a 3x3 active volcano map.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Cradled hidden among the clouds in the highlands of South America lies Paramo, an ancient land with ancient secrets. Paramo's dangers are plentiful, but none so dangerous as the active volcano nearby whose molten lava streams flow across the land. Survivors dropping onto the Paramo Battlegrounds will only be able to reach the highlands via helicopter, which also have the task of distributing Care Packages around the field. This dynamic world system alters locations between matches, making every trip to Paramo a unique experience.


Update history[edit | edit source]

Update #47 (Season 9 - Update 9.2)
  • Lava Damage Calculation Update
    • The method for processing damage inflicted near the edges of lava has been improved.
      • Now lava damage is inflicted more precisely when players come in contact with the lava surface.
    • Now Gas Cans will explode when they come in contact with lava.
      • Also, spilled gas will catch fire when coming into contact with lava.

Update #46 (Season 9 - Update 9.1) - vN/A

New Features

  • Dynamic Map Locations
    • Major landmarks and parts of terrain are relocated in every new session.
    • Players must adapt and use suitable strategies and tactics according to the changes.
    • Several streams of lava flow from active volcanoes throughout Paramo, presenting a unique environment hazard as you traverse across the map.
    • Unlike other maps, players can wander outside the bounds of the playable area and a warning will display on screen. Failure to quickly return to the playable area will result in you being killed.
  • Destroyable Item Boxes
    • New item boxes can now spawn in certain houses.
    • Destroy the boxes to find multiple pieces of loot, such as ammo, throwables, and healing items.
  • Air Drops
    • Players will drop into the Battleground of Paramo from helicopters.
    • During the match, these helicopters carry precious cargo across the map, with the plan of dropping it just outside the play area. Pay close attention and if you shoot enough rounds into a helicopter, you'll force it to release the cargo early.
    • Paramo has a handful of Care Packages exclusive, highland themed items not found on other maps, including new full-body camo suits, ghillie suit and backpack.
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