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Pants are a type of equipment in Battlegrounds.

As of now there are NO items in this category that provide capacity or protection. The only items that provide the capacity to carry more gear are the Utility Belt, Vests & Backpacks.

List of pantsEdit

Image Name Rarity
[[File:|52px]]   [[1.0/99 Pants|]] #1.0/99 Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Baggy Pants (Black)|]] Baggy Pants (Black) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Baggy Pants (Brown)|]] Baggy Pants (Brown) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beach Shorts (Beige)|]] Beach Shorts (Beige) Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beach Shorts (Green)|]] Beach Shorts (Green) Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Biker Pants (Black)|]] Biker Pants (Black) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Biker Pants (Gray)|]] Biker Pants (Gray) Elite
[[File:|52px]]   [[Black Jean5|]] Black Jean5 Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Bloody Combat Pants|]] Bloody Combat Pants Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Blue Jean5|]] Blue Jean5 Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Born to Survive Shorts|]] Born to Survive Shorts Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Camo Hotpants|]] Camo Hotpants Epic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Captain's Uniform Slacks|]] Captain's Uniform Slacks Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Cargo Pants (Beige)|]] Cargo Pants (Beige) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Cargo Pants (Black)|]] Cargo Pants (Black) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Cargo Pants (Blue)|]] Cargo Pants (Blue) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Cargo Pants (Khaki)|]] Cargo Pants (Khaki) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Combat Pants (Black)|]] Combat Pants (Black) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Combat Pants (Blue)|]] Combat Pants (Blue) Common
  [[File:|52px]] Combat Pants (Brown) [[Combat Pants (Brown)|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Combat Pants (Camo)|]] Combat Pants (Camo) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Combat Pants (Coral)|]] Combat Pants (Coral) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Combat Pants (Grey Camo)|]] Combat Pants (Grey Camo) Classic
  [[File:|52px]] Combat Pants (Khaki) [[Combat Pants (Khaki)|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Combat Pants (White)|]] Combat Pants (White) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Denim Bootcut Pants|]] Denim Bootcut Pants Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Digital Camo Pants|]] Digital Camo Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Erangel Biker Pants|]] Erangel Biker Pants Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Escapee Pants|]] Escapee Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Explorer Knickers|]] Explorer Knickers Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Fringed Hotpants|]] Fringed Hotpants Legendary
[[File:|52px]]   [[Green Pattern Pants|]] Green Pattern Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Green Stripe Tracksuit Pants|]] Green Stripe Tracksuit Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Guard Pants|]] Guard Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Guard Skirt|]] Guard Skirt Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Gunslinger’s Formal Pants|]] Gunslinger’s Formal Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Hotpants (Blue)|]] Hotpants (Blue) Epic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Jailbird Joggers|]] Jailbird Joggers Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Jeans (Tan)|]] Jeans (Tan) Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Jungle Leggings|]] Jungle Leggings Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Lazy Sunday Sweatpants|]] Lazy Sunday Sweatpants Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Leather Bootcut Pants|]] Leather Bootcut Pants Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Military Skirt (Black)|]] Military Skirt (Black) Legendary
[[File:|52px]]   [[Military Trousers (Black)|]] Military Trousers (Black) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Mini-skirt (Purple)|]] Mini-skirt (Purple) Legendary
[[File:|52px]]   [[Miramar Biker Pants|]] Miramar Biker Pants Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Modern Hanbok Pants|]] Modern Hanbok Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[PGI Ringside Trunks|]] PGI Ringside Trunks Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[PGI Sporty Leggings|]] PGI Sporty Leggings Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[PGI Title Leggings|]] PGI Title Leggings Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[PUBG 5 Cuffed Jeans|]] PUBG 5 Cuffed Jeans Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Pilot Pants|]] Pilot Pants Elite
  [[File:|52px]] Pleated Mini-skirt (Black) [[Pleated Mini-skirt (Black)|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue)|]] Pleated Mini-skirt (Blue) Legendary
[[File:|52px]]   [[School Pants|]] School Pants Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[School Skirt|]] School Skirt Legendary
  [[File:|52px]] Skinny Jeans (Blue) [[Skinny Jeans (Blue)|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Skinny Jeans (Khaki)|]] Biker Pants (Gray) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Skinny Jeans (Pink)|]] Skinny Jeans (Pink) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Slacks (Black)|]] Slacks (Black) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Slacks (Blue)|]] Slacks (Blue) Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Slacks (Purple)|]] Slacks (Purple) Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Spa Towel|]] Spa Towel Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Suit Pants (Gray)|]] Suit Pants (Gray) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Survivalist Slacks|]] Survivalist Slacks Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Tang Suit Pants|]] Tang Suit Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Tracksuit Pants|]] Tracksuit Pants Special
  [[File:|52px]] Tracksuit Pants (Yellow) [[Tracksuit Pants (Yellow)|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Training Pants (Light Blue)|]] Training Pants (Light Blue) Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Twitch Prime Combat Pants (June 2017)|]] Twitch Prime Combat Pants (June 2017) Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[VK Pants|]] VK Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Wide Pants (Red)|]] Wide Pants (Red) Special
  [[File:|52px]] Work Pants [[Work Pants|]]
[[File:|52px]]   [[Xbox 1.0 Sweatpants|]] Xbox #1.0 Sweatpants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Xbox Digital Camo Pants|]] Xbox Digital Camo Pants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Xbox G Sweatpants|]] Xbox G Sweatpants Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Zest Bootcut Pants|]] Zest Bootcut Pants Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Zest Checkered Skirt|]] Zest Checkered Skirt Legendary


  • Q: Where can I see region specific equipment skins?
A: You can head to variants.
  • Q: Where can I see unlisted skins?
A: You can head to pants.