PGI Camo Set

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PGI Camo Set
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Page has been archived.
The PGI Camo Set doesn't exist anymore. The crate got renamed to Camo Set.

The PGI Camo Set is an exclusive crate in BATTLEGROUNDS for the PGI (PUBG Global Invitational) 2018.



  • Voting on the official Twitch stream with the extension. [1]
    • July 26th; Based on miscommunication, you can't get this crate through voting. [2]
    • July 29th; "It is not available at this moment :) No information on it now." - poopieQueen [3]
    • July 30th; Crate has been renamed from 'PGI Camo Set' to just 'Camo Set.' Crate may become a Twitch Prime crate. [4]
PGI 2018 loot


Individual skins:

Crate items

Upon opening the crate, you get all these items in the PGI Camo Set.

Image Name Category
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Head PGI Beanie and Headphones.png [[PGI Beanie and Headphones|]] PGI Beanie and Headphones Hat
[[File:|52px]] Icon body Jacket PGI Digital Camo Jacket.png [[PGI Digital Camo Jacket|]] PGI Digital Camo Jacket Jacket
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs PGI Digital Camo Pants.png [[PGI Digital Camo Pants|]] PGI Digital Camo Pants Pants