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A new weapon the Mosin Nagant, the Vikendi (Season 7) map overhaul and Survivor Pass: Cold Front is on live servers.

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PAI Dragon Set

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Dragon Set
Icon Mask PAI Dragon Mask.png

The Dragon Set is an exclusive set in BATTLEGROUNDS for the PAI (PUBG Asia Invitational) 2019.


The PAI Dragon Set Set is exclusive to fans who joined in person at the PAI event in Macao, China.

PAI 2019 loot


Individual skins:

Dragon Collection

Equipment skins

Name Image Category
PAI Dragon Mask Icon Mask PAI Dragon Mask.png Masks
PAI Dragon Jacket Icon equipment Jacket PAI Dragon Jacket.png Jackets
PAI Dragon Pants Icon equipment Legs PAI Dragon Pants.png Pants


  • Q: Redeemable?
A: "After purchasing the ticket, the player can get the item card by ticket to the game site, and harvest the game permanent item. However, it should be noted that the item must be redeemed before February 28, otherwise the activation code will be invalid" [1].
  • Q: I got a code to redeem this, what do I do next?
A: Launch PUBG, head to 'STORE,' click on 'ADD BONUS / GIFT CODE' on the top right of the screen and enter the code.