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Movement Speed

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Movement Speed is one of the variables a player is subject to in BATTLEGROUNDS. Movement is affected by both your position and the weapon you have equipped.

Movement Speeds

While it was initially rumored that movement speed was heavily influenced by weapons and position, it was unconfirmed until recently. The currently known movement augmentation levels are as follows:

Position Variables

Variable Speed Comparison
Standing Sprint 6.3 m/s Baseline
Crouch Sprint 4.8 m/s 24% Slower
Standing Run 4.7 m/s 25% Slower
Crouch Run 3.4 m/s 46% Slower
Standing Walk 1.7 m/s 72% Slower
Crouch Walk 1.3 m/s 79% Slower
Crawling 1.2 m/s 81% Slower
Swimming 2.9 m/s 54% Slower

Weapon Variables

Variable Speed Comparison
Unarmed 6.3 m/s Baseline
Pistol 6.32 m/s 0.3% Faster
Melee 6.3 m/s 0.1% Slower
Throwables 6.29 m/s 0.1% Slower
Submachine Guns 6.15 m/s 2.3% Slower
Crossbow 6.01 m/s 4.51% Slower
Rifle 6.01 m/s 4.60% Slower
Sniper Rifle/DMR 5.99 m/s 4.80% Slower
Shotgun 5.91 m/s 6.11% Slower



This movement data was sourced from the following video: