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Limited edition skins

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Limited edition skins
Icon weapon Scar Year One skin.png

BATTLEGROUNDS has special limited edition skins that can be acquired via in-game currency, special events, with real currency or on the Steam Community Market.

What platform of limited edition skins would you like to see?

FAQ[edit | edit source]

  • Q: What if I missed a skin to get during a specific time slot?
A: If the player didn't get that specific skin during that specific time range that skin was available, you are unable to get the skin, unless the item is marketable.
  • Q: Rarity of these skins?
A: Since these skins get discontinued after the specific time slot ends and not EVERYONE has the skin. The circulation of the skins are scarce and the skins end up being 'Rare.'
  • Q: Will these skins come back into circulation in-game for people to get?
A: Most likely not, but you never know.
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