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Limited Timed/Summer 2019

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Summer (2019)
Summer 2019.png

The Summer (2019) is a timed Summer-themed event that range from cosmetic player skins you can buy in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Get ready to land back on the beach in these limited time summer skins! Toss around some molotovs in leisurely stylish swimsuits and seasonal wear.

Redemption period[edit | edit source]
  • Began on 6/26/19
  • Ended on TBA

Items[edit | edit source]

Name Image Category Rarity Price
Straw Beach Hat Icon Head Straw Beach Hat.png Hats Rare $2.99
Gold Trim Cat Eye Sunglasses Icon Eyes Gold Trim Cat Eye Sunglasses.png Glasses Rare $2.99
Short Sleeve Anchor Print Shirt Icon Body Short Sleeve Anchor Print Shirt.png Shirt Special $4.99
Twisty Top (White) Icon equipment Shirt Twisty Top (White).png Shirt Epic $4.99
Polka Dot Crop Top (Red) Icon Body Polka Dot Crop Top (Red).png Shirt Elite $9.99
Citrus Mosaic Crop Top Icon Body Citrus Mosaic Crop Top.png Shirt Epic $9.99
Citrus Mosaic Shorts Icon Legs Citrus Mosaic Shorts.png Pants Epic $4.99
High Waisted Shorts (Blue) Icon Legs High Waisted Shorts (Blue).png Pants Special $9.99
High Waisted Shorts (White) Icon Legs High Waisted Shorts (White).png Pants Rare $9.99
Flip Flop Sandals Icon Feet Flip Flop Sandals.png Shoes Classic $0.99

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