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Limited Timed/Rabbit Season 2019

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Rabbit Season (2019)
Rabbit season small.png

The Rabbit Season is a timed special event that range from cosmetic player skins you can buy in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Event Period[edit | edit source]
  • Began on 8/20/19
  • Ended on 9/25/19

List of set(s)[edit | edit source]

Rabbit Season Set[edit | edit source]

Name Image Category Rarity Price
Rabbit Season Hoodie Rabbit Season Hoodie.png Multi-slot Elite $4.99
Rabbit Season Leggings Rabbit Season Leggings.png Pants‎‎ Rare $4.99
Rabbit Season Hi-Top Sneakers Rabbit Season Hi-Top Sneakers.png Shoes Classic $2.99

Could also be purchased in a Bundle for a discounted price.

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