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Paladins are extremely sturdy and defend and heal their allied adventures in combat.

Their enchanted Mendingstar can heal allies or slow the movement speed of enemies they strike, while their faithful Shield can be used to block attacks and push back approaching enemies. Paladins work best as back line defenders, protecting their squishier allies.


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The Paladin is a character class in Fantasy Battle Royale.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Paladin is the key healing class in Fantasy Battle Royale. Healing allies with their Mendingstar and blocking incoming attacks with their Brooklyn Shield, the Paladin is right at home protecting the weak.

The Paladin’s Mendingstar serves two functions; healing allies it strikes or dealing damage to and slowing down enemies. The Paladin’s Shield Charge can also knock away enemies who get too close to his party.

Paladins also regularly produce First Aid Kits that can be given to allies or toss a 'Heal Bomb' to create an AoE healing zone, but be warned that this zone can also heal enemies!

One slight hitch though, maybe it’s because of their heavy armor or the fact that they have no free hands, but Paladins cannot ledge grab and may have to find more creative ways to keep up with their team.

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  • If you right click, it raises the shield and blocks projectiles.
  • If you left click while holding right click, it does a short range shield bash that can knock enemies away.
  • Paladin can't climb so it's a little harder to navigate around.

Class Items[edit | edit source]

Class items are items that your character has upon starting a Fantasy Battle Royale match.

Name Image Category
Crowbar: Level 1 Icon weapon Fantasy BR Crowbar Level 1.png Weapon
Shield Icon weapon Fantasy BR Shield 2.png Equipment
Paladin Necklace: Level 1 Icon equipment Fantasy BR Paladin Necklace Level 1.png Necklace
Paladin Ring: Level 1 Icon equipment Fantasy BR Paladin Ring Level 1.png Ring
Molotov Cocktail Icon weapon Molotov.png Throwables

Hero Quest[edit | edit source]

Hero Quest are tasks that you can complete so that you can earn permanent skins for your PUBG character after the Fantasy Battle Royale event is over.

Name Reward/Image Category Mission
Shield Master Icon pants Fantasy BR Awful Good Pants (Silver).png Pants Block an enemy's attack with your shield once.
Primal Champion Fantasy BR Gold.png (20G) Other Upgrade your necklace, ring, or weapon to level 5 in a single match as a Paladin.
Bomb Healer Fantasy BR Gold.png (30G) Other Heal 300 total health across your team using Heal Bombs.
Top 10 Holy Avenger Icon shirts Fantasy BR Awful Good Vest (Silver).png Shirts Reach top 10 as a Paladin.

Individual Skins[edit | edit source]

Name Image Category Price
Awful Good Vest (Gold) Icon Body Fantasy BR Awful Good Vest (Gold).png Shirts 20,000 BP
Awful Good Pants (Gold) Icon Legs Fantasy BR Awful Good Pants (Gold).png Pants 10,000 BP

Paladin Set[edit | edit source]

The Paladin Set is priced at $9.99.

Name Image Category
Awful Good Helmet Icon Hats Fantasy BR Awful Good Helmet.png Hats
Awful Good Vest (Silver Icon shirts Fantasy BR Awful Good Vest (Silver).png Shirts
Awful Good Pants (Silver) Icon pants Fantasy BR Awful Good Pants (Silver).png Pants

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Weapon - Crowbar

Weapon - Shield

Equipment - Molotov