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Limited Timed/DC Comics/Suicide Squad/Harley Quinn

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Harley Quinn Set
Icon box Harley Quinn Crate.png
PC, Xbox One & PS4
Cost to buy?
G-Coin needed (Xbox/PlayStation)?
2,500 G-Coin.png
Not Tradable, Not Marketable

The Harley Quinn Set consists of multiple items in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Rev Up Your Harley

The BATTLEGROUNDS are the perfect place for Daddy's Lil Monster to play. Suit up as the DC anti-hero Harley Quinn in this officially licensed costume set from Suicide Squad.

Items[edit | edit source]

Harley Quinn’s “Daddy’s Lil Monster” outfit, complete with “Good Night” baseball bat skins for the crowbar and machete can be purchased in a bundle for $24.99. The bundle also includes new hair and makeup options as well to complete the look of these this iconic character.

Equipment skins:

Name Image Category Rarity
Harley Quinn's Hair Icon appearance Hair Harley Quinn's Hair.png Hair Event
Harley Quinn's Makeup Icon appearance Makeup Harley Quinn's Makeup.png Makeup Event
Harley Quinn Daddy's Lil' Monster Outfit Icon outfit Harley Quinn Daddy's Lil' Monster Outfit.png Multi-slot‎‎ Legendary

Weapon skins:

Name Image Rarity
Harley Quinn Good Night Bat - Crowbar Weapon skin Harley Quinn Good Night Bat.png Legendary