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Jungle Set Crate (Old)

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Jungle Set Crate
Icon box Jungle Set Crate crateBox.png
Cost to buy?
Free, Twitch Prime
Key needed to open?
Not Tradable, Not Marketable

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Crate exists on Jungle Crate.

Logos PUBG-Twitch Prime.png

The Jungle Set Crate is an exclusive crate in BATTLEGROUNDS inspired by Twitch for Twitch Prime members [1].


Take down your enemies whilst fashionably blending in to the wild savagery of the jungle — even Battle Royale survivors have to look good! The Jungle Crate contains 8 items, including two weapon skins: Croc Bite for the M16A4 and Bengal Blade for the SCAR-L.

Go ahead and get out there and sashay down the wild jungle runway.


  • Q: Do the weapon skins change any statistics?
A: No, the skins are purely cosmetic. Please refer to Skins for more information.

Crate items

Upon opening the crate, you get all these items.

Equipment skins:

Image Name Category
[[File:|52px]] Icon body Jacket Explorer Coat.png [[Colonial Coat|]] Colonial Coat Jacket
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Head Explorer Hat.png [[Explorer Helmet|]] Explorer Helmet Hat
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Feet Leather Boots.png [[Leather Boots|]] Leather Boots Shoes
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Body Leopard Print Vest.png [[Leopard Print Vest|]] Leopard Print Vest Shirts
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Explorer Knickers.png [[Pilot Knickers|]] Pilot Knickers Pants
[[File:|52px]] Icon Mask Tiger Print Bandana.png [[Tiger Print Bandana|]] Tiger Print Bandana Masks

Weapon skins:

Name Image Rarity
Bengal Blade - SCAR-L Weapon skin Bengal Blade SCAR-L.png -
Croc Bite - M16A4 Weapon skin Croc Bite M16A4.png -