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Hats are a type of equipment in Battlegrounds.

As of now there are NO items in this category that provide capacity or protection. The only items that provide the capacity to carry more gear are the Utility Belt, Vests & Backpacks.

List of hatsEdit

Image Name Rarity
[[File:|52px]]   [[2 Year Anniversary Cap|]] 2 Year Anniversary Cap Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Baseball Cap|]] Baseball Cap Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Battle Royale Beanie|]] Battle Royale Beanie Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beanie|]] Beanie Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beanie (Brown)|]] Beanie (Brown) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beanie (Gray)|]] Beanie (Gray) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beanie and Headphones|]] Beanie and Headphones Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Beret|]] Beret Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Blue Bandana|]] Blue Bandana Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Camo Cap|]] Camo Cap Rare
[[File:|52px]]   [[Captain's Hat|]] Captain's Hat Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Cowboy Hat (Brown)|]] Cowboy Hat (Brown) Elite
[[File:|52px]]   [[Cowboy Hat (White)|]] Cowboy Hat (White) Epic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Explorer Hat|]] Explorer Hat Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Green Pattern Cap|]] Green Pattern Cap Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Guard Cap|]] Guard Cap Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Gunslinger’s Formal Hat|]] Gunslinger’s Formal Hat Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Hair Towel|]] Hair Towel Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Head Towel|]] Head Towel Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Military Cap (Black)|]] Military Cap (Black) Elite
[[File:|52px]]   [[PGI Cap|]] PGI Cap Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[PUBG 5 Cap|]] PUBG 5 Cap Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Paddy Cap|]] Paddy Cap Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Patrol Cap (Brown)|]] Patrol Cap (Brown) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Patrol Cap (Gray)|]] Patrol Cap (Gray) Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[Snow Beanie|]] Snow Beanie Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Suede Aviator Cap|]] Suede Aviator Cap Special
[[File:|52px]]   [[The Mau5 Hat|]] The Mau5 Hat Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Traditional Hanbok Hat|]] Traditional Hanbok Hat Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[VK Beanie|]] VK Beanie Event
[[File:|52px]]   [[Vintage Baseball Hat (Black)|]] Vintage Baseball Hat (Black) Classic
[[File:|52px]]   [[Vintage Baseball Hat (White)|]] Vintage Baseball Hat (White) Common
[[File:|52px]]   [[Woven Sun Hat|]] Woven Sun Hat Rare


  • Q: Where can I see region specific equipment skins?
A: You can head to variants.
  • Q: Where can I see unlisted skins?
A: You can head to hats.