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Gamescom Invitational 2017/Teams

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Note: These aren't all the teams that are taking part in the Invitational, there are 368 teams in total but we can't get all of them since ESL isn't releasing this info.

Invited Team Name Player 1 Name Player 2 Name Player 3 Name Player 4 Name
Yes Team Liquid LiquidHayz LiquidScoom LiquidMOLNMAN LiquidOllywood
Yes Cloud9 C9sweaterr Crunchbruh Iam_chappie SOLIDFPS
Yes Luminosity Gaming Ninja_tb TheeJP2 DrasseLTv Chipzy
Yes Team Solomid TSMViss TSM_aimPR TSMSmaK TSM_Break
Yes 4entro Juankorea_ DinghisKhan EVERMORE YoonRoot
Yes The Atlantic Gang OshiSeven Serenity2517 Juliatvgames Sequisha
Yes DeToNator Spygea_jp Yamatonjp Avashaka Stylishnoob
Yes Mylta Motorsport WhiteyDude666 LostAiming Maihopawango Moondye7
Yes Pochinki Is My City Vikkstar123 MrMuselk StoneMountain64 StodehTV
Yes Never Lucky ForsenSC2 4ndypyro Djari328 Hotted89
Yes ChuckleNuts Curvyllama GassyMexican StevoTwitch KillyKapowski
Yes NEED LOOT Sterlingtoth Drift0r Kross ONE_shot_GURL
Yes Kung Fu Panda obang mu Tovelo 117
Yes Zero Latency Antitinkerbell iAmLucyMae JaredFPS Hunkstaban
Yes Noble Boom edakulous DaZFPS Interrogate
Yes Mythic adreN fl0m LeX anger
Yes Bosphorus Mithrain wtcNN ZeeooN Mirliva
Yes Tier 3 Gaming Cake ALFPLAYS_STREAM iLame_ru 0nuqtive
No Suisse my Baguette yukiiie THZ - -
No - outc1der Butz - -
No - Mazarini spajKK - -
No Copenhagen Flames Avngr PONYRIDEREn - -
No - Jimmur GICE - -
No - Zweback Nick28T NepentheZ Tobiias