Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following are the official Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for BATTLEGROUNDS.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Game[edit | edit source]

  1. Q: What is BATTLEGROUNDS? | A: BATTLEGROUNDS is PLAYERUNKNOWN’s first standalone game. More info here.
  2. Q: How much will the game cost? | A: $29.99
  3. Q: What Anti-cheat does PUBG use? | A: BattlEye with a mix of their own created anti-cheat system.
  4. Q: Bans? | A: Bans (justice) will be distributed to the cheats in the form of Waves (like in Rainbow Six: Siege), which is believed to be the most efficient way of doing to catch a large amount of cheaters.
  5. Q: Is the game 64 bit or 32 bit? | A: 64 bit
  6. Q: Linux or Apple? | A: These platforms aren't in top priority for the developers right now since the player base is small and putting resources into now isn't worth it. Windows version first.
  7. Q: What game engine is it running? | A: It's running on Unreal Engine 4.
  8. Q: Console? | A: PUBG is coming to Xbox One in Game Preview first (late 2017), then to PS4 at a later date (sometime in 2018) when all the bugs have been fine tuned in Game Preview.
  9. Q: How big is the map? | A: Map Erangel is a 8x8 km map.
  10. Q: Why does Erangel take place in Russia? | A: Because PLAYERUNKNOWN he likes abandoned Russia feel and he loves the brutalistic architecture.
  11. Q: Will there ever be dynamic weather (i.e changing from sun to night) in a match? | A: "No, since the matches only last 30 minutes so it doesn't make sense." [1]
  12. Q: Why is game so familiar? | A: It's a mixture of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S mods from Arma 2/3 and PLAYERUNKNOWN'S licensed Battle Royale mode in H1Z1 KotK.
  13. Q: If I'm getting great FPS in the test server, will that transfer over to the stable version? | A: When playing on the test server, take it with a grain of salt. Test servers aren't being stressed out to the max which means the servers on the test server will give you better performance.
  14. Q: e-Sports? | A: PUBG wants to have 4 major events (maybe 4 times a year) for the top players on the leaderboards, alongside with the big streamers and YouTubers to raise serious money for charities. Then, with the custom servers (later on down the road), you will have the ability to rent servers with leaderboards attached so that people can host their own leagues on their own servers.[2][3]

Ranking[edit | edit source]

  1. Q: What is the ranking system? | A: ELO to be added in the future after Early Access; An early version of the skill-based matchmaking system is already in the game.
  2. Q: How do I get a better ELO score/rank? | A: It's nothing to do with kills. It's based on the rank the player(s) you are you competing with and that have died around you. It's based on skill and your own rank. A lot of it is behind closed doors so that people can't take advantage of the system.[4]
  3. Q: How do I lose a ranking? | A: If you die to an utter noob with a low ELO, you will most likely lose ranking depending on their rank.
  4. Q: Stream snipers are killing me, how is PUBG going to combat that in ranking? | A: PUBG will have ranked and unranked servers. But, throughout Early Access you will be put on the ranking system. Once ELO is fine tuned after Early Access, all the noobs that are trying to kill you and ruin your experience, they will be put on different servers according to your ranking. So these stream snipers will never be in a game with you anymore.[5]
  5. Q: I'm I being matched with other people in my ranking? | A: As of now, no. After Early Access you will be matched with people within your ELO ranking.[6]
  6. Q: Will there be unranked servers? Yes, unranked will come so you can learn the game or fool around without losing your ELO ranking.[7]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  1. Q: How many weapons right now (March 2017)? | A: 20 main weapons in total (not including melee weapons).
  2. Q: Are more weapons coming to the game? | A: Yes, more weapons are planned.

Items/Gear[edit | edit source]

  • Q: Range finders? | A: Yes, they do have plans to implement them. No ETA.[8]
  • Q: Will binoculars ever come to the game? | A: Yes
  • Q: You will be able to hold an extra helmet or vest in a backpack? | A: No [9]
  • Q: New scopes that have an acog but a red dot on top? | A: They are looking at adding a second option to scopes.[10]
  • Q: Will gas masks ever be useful? Or only cosmetic? | A: They are looking at adding a gas grenade so it can have a purpose, but no plans just yet.[11]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

  • Q: Will helicopters ever come to the game? | A: No, but there will be full mod support. So someone could do it, but it won't be in the base game, only custom servers.[12]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  1. Q: When someone makes a mod, will it ever come to the base game? | A: There is a possibility that it may come if it's popular.[13]
  2. Q: FOV Slider? | A: FOV slider is for 1st person view only. It can be changed from 80 minimum (what it is currently) - 103 maximum (ie; Overwatch).
  3. Q: How close to "real life" values are the current (Closed Beta / February - March) drop/velocities? | A: "The initial velocity is same as IRL but without drag, the drop is a bit lower."
  4. Q: Bullet physics? | A: "We are working on implementation of drag, penetration and deflection."
  5. Q: Destruction? | A: Yes, there's destruction. As of right now, you can blow up doors and destructible Shacks, Vehicles blow up and you can knock down fences with a vehicle.
  6. Q: Is it like H1Z1 where if you jump out of the car you don't get hurt? | A: No, you get damaged depending on the speed or you die.
  7. Q: Attachments? It's been stated that attachments change the gun? How so? | A: Take the silencer for example. See one on the ground? Pick it up, the silencer reduces the distance you can hear the shot from to about 350m, so if they shot at you past that distance you wouldn't hear where the shot came from. All everyone else hears is a muffled shot, but that muffled shot you can be picked out if you listen closely to it (so be warned if anyone is near you).
  8. Q: Doors open away from the player? | A: All doors open away from the player to prevent 'awkwardness.' [14]
  9. Q: Can you change the tire on a vehicle with a spare tire if one tire is punctured? | A: No
  10. Q: Any plans to introduce wildlife? | A: No at the minute. BATTLEGROUNDS needs to get finished first.[15]

Clothing[edit | edit source]

  • Q: Any paid cosmetics? | A: "What were planning to do, is to add purchasable cosmetic items (like clothes/skins) via crates, this will allow us to create free DLC packs down the road." Microtransactions are coming after Early Access. As of 8/3/17, crates have been implemented into the game (as seen by the first crate 'Gamescom' that needs a key to open). Microtransactions support the longevity of the game with a steady income to cover server cost, development and free DLC (like new weapons, maps, etc).[16]
  • Q: What type of clothing? | A: Bluehole wants realistic clothing, like this (1 & 2), nothing arcadey like in H1Z1.

Servers/Game modes[edit | edit source]

  • Q: What type of servers is PUBG currently using? | A: Amazon Web Services (AWS), running on the top spec machines.[17]
  • Q: What's the server tick rate? | A: 60 Hz, but due to unoptimized servers it does not go that high right now. But they are aiming to have all the servers run at 60 Hz.[18]
  • Q: Will the servers be in each region? | A: If the demand is high enough they can spin up servers in each region.[19]
  • Q: If someone queues behind me when I enter matchmaking, will they enter the same server? | A: No, they will be put into different servers.[20]
  • Q: Mod support? | A: Yes, Mod support is coming at 'Full Release' and they will have Steam Workshop support as well.
  • Q: If I team in Solo servers will I get banned? | A: Yes, you will be banned/suspended (depending on the circumstance).
  • Q: What game mode perspectives are in the game? | A: 1st person only & 3rd person (w/ 1st person optional).
  • Q: What type of servers/game modes are there? | A: Solo, Duo, SQUADS (team up in groups of 2, 3 or 4 players, or if you prefer, you can still play solo and take on everyone alone). Check out game modes for more.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • Q: Why is it called PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS? | A: It was first called 'PLAYERUNKNOWN Battle Royale,' but PLAYERUNKNOWN didn't like that and also he wanted to give it a unique name.[21]
  • Q: As of Alpha - Early Access, what is the main menu made out of? | A: It's made out of javascript, css and html. You can see the Beta build here and the LIVE build here.
  • Q: Where can I see the concept art of the game? A: Head to concept art to see all the art.
  • Q: Where is the PUBG Studio? | A: It's based in Korea, but a few people are working in Seattle, WA, USA.
  • Q: How many people are in the studio working on PUBG (from Alpha - Beta)? | A: 35 people in the studio and around 5 freelancers.
  • Q: How many people are in the studio working on PUBG (from Steam Early Access)? | A: 100 people in the studio and 15 in the USA.
  • Q: BATTLEGROUNDS is being designed by Bluehole, what does their studio look like? | A: View of the studio -

Early Access[edit | edit source]

Q: Why Early Access?
A: “Early Access is a great platform as it gives us the ability to get feedback from new players, as well as our existing community on new and existing content. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is being developed with full transparency to our players, and we will make adjustments and additions based directly on their comments. Feedback from two alphas and a closed beta test, along with responses from a broader group, will guide us in the creation and addition of new content and gameplay tuning.
One of the ways we’ll use Early Access is to test Custom Games by giving certain players the ability to create their own versions of Battle Royale. This includes the option of setting the number of teammates, the type of weather, looting limitations and various other game options. Our initial goal is to test this feature among a smaller group of players and if all goes well, we’ll gradually roll it out to everyone. We’ll have more details on Custom Games once we begin implementing this feature.”

Q: How long is Early Access? | A: 6 months

Proper title formatting[edit | edit source]

  • Q: All capital letters for the game name? | A: PLAYERUNKNOWN likes it the way it looks in all capital letters (as stated in a interview), he doesn't like the look of it in lowercase.[22]

The game uses an untraditional title formatting where the whole game name is capitalized.

[edit | edit source]

  • Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
  • Player Unknown's Battlegrounds
Acronym[edit | edit source]
  • BG
  • PUB
  • PUB G
  • PUBS

[edit | edit source]

Acronym[edit | edit source]
  • PUBG

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