Flash Hider (DMR, SR)

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Flash Hider for Snipers
Icon attach Muzzle FlashHider SniperRifle.png
Attachable Weapons
M24, AWM, SKS, Kar98k, Mk14 EBR, Mini 14, SLR, QBU
-10.00% Recoil Pattern
-10.00% Horizontal Recoil
-10.00% Vertical Recoil

Eliminates muzzle flash
+ Recoil control

The Flash Hider for Snipers is a muzzle type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The flash hider does not completely eliminate muzzle flash, but does significantly reduce it with the added benefit of slight vertical and horizontal recoil reduction. This attachment is useful for visual concealment, making it harder for victims to locate the shooter via muzzle flash at long distances, particularly in rainy or foggy conditions. The flash hider can prove to be of great benefit to sniper rifles given their long effective range, providing some modicum of concealment when a suppressor isn't available.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • While flash hiders or flash suppressors are commonly believed to be designed with the intent of reducing the visibility of muzzle flash to the enemy, this is actually a secondary benefit, as flash hiders are primarily designed to reduce the chance that the shooter is blinded by the muzzle flash in low-light conditions.

Gallery[edit | edit source]