Fever Crate

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Fever Crate
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Not Tradable, Marketable
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The Fever Crate is a clothing cosmetic crate in BATTLEGROUNDS.


You can use your Battle Points (BP) to buy this crate on the REWARDS page. These crates have a limit of 6 crates per week, you can either get the Fever Crate or one of 9 other random crates.

How to buy the crate:

  1. Use BP to buy the crates (6 crates to buy per week) or go on the Steam Marketplace.
  2. Go in-game pay $2.50 to open each crate.
  3. If you don't want to pay to open the crates, you can sell them on the Steam Marketplace for Steam wallet money.

Fever prices:

  • 1st Crate: 700 BP
  • 2nd Crate: 1,400 BP
  • 3rd Crate: 2,800 BP
  • 4th Crate: 4,200 BP
  • 5th Crate: 5,400 BP
  • 6th Crate: 7,000 BP

Update history

As of 10/2/18:
  • Fever Crate is at 5%. [1]

As of 6/19/18:

  • Fever Crate is at 2.5%. [2]


  • Q: How do I get access to these skins?
A: You can either buy the crate or buy the skins individually.
  • Q: If I have a male character, will I have to switch to a female to wear female clothes?
A: No, all clothes are unisex.

Crate items

Here are the list of items you can get in the Fever Crate.

Image Name Drop rate Category
Icon equipment Body PU 07.png Checkered Shirt (Coral) 10% Shirts
Icon equipment Hands E 01.png Combat Gloves (Khaki) 10% Gloves
Icon equipment Legs C 08.png Combat Pants (Coral) 5% Pants
Icon equipment Body P 01.png Cropped Corset 0.32% Other
Icon equipment Legs P 03.png Denim Bootcut Pants 4.5% Pants
Icon equipment Jacket P 01.png Floral Retro Jacket 1.3% Jacket
Icon equipment Feet BR02 04.png Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink) 10% Shoes
Icon equipment Body M 04.png Mesh Polo Shirt 10% Shirts
Icon equipment Body M 01.png Retro Polo Shirt 5% Shirts
Icon equipment Feet BR06 02.png School Shoes (Beige) 15% Shoes
Icon equipment Legs P 01.png Zest Bootcut Pants 2.5% Pants
Icon equipment Legs J 01.png Zest Checkered Skirt 0.16% Pants
Icon equipment Jacket J 01.png Zest Denim Jacket 0.32% Jacket
Icon equipment Feet J 01.png Zest Loafers with socks 4.5% Shoes
Icon equipment Jacket P 02.png Zest Retro Jacket 0.6% Jacket
Icon equipment Mask P 01.png Zest Silk Scarf 6.5% Other
Icon equipment Eyes P 01.png Zest Sunglasses 4.5% Glasses
Icon equipment Body J 01.png Zest Turtleneck (White) 15% Shirts