Extended QuickDraw Mag (DMR, SR)

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Extended QuickDraw Mag (DMR, SR)
Icon attach Magazine ExtendedQuickDraw SniperRifle.png
Attachable Weapons
M24, AWM, SKS, VSS, Mk14 EBR‎, Mini 14, SLR, QBU
-30.00% Reload Duration

+ Reload speed
+ Magazine capacity

The Extended QuickDraw Mag for DMR and SR is a magazine type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This attachment expands the magazine capacity of the weapon it is attached to, as well as decreasing the time required to reload it, allowing an overall greater amount of firepower.

Designated Marksman Rifles Default Capacity Extended Capacity
Icon weapon Mini14.png Mini 14 20 30
Icon weapon Mk14.png Mk14 EBR 10 20
Icon weapon QBU88.png QBU 10 20
Icon weapon SKS.png SKS 10 20
Icon weapon SLR.png SLR 10 20
Icon weapon VSS.png VSS Vintorez 10 20
Sniper Rifles Default Capacity Extended Capacity
Icon weapon AWM.png AWM 5 7
Icon weapon M24.png M24 5 7
Icon weapon Mosin Nagant.png Mosin Nagant 5

Update History[edit | edit source]

Update #12 - v3.8.21.9
  • DMRs now use AR attachments (magazines, compensators, etc) along with SR attachments.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When applied to a Mini-14, this attachment takes on the form of a 30-round USGI magazine with a Magpul magazine pull tab for 5.56 NATO magazines. For the other sniper rifles, what appears to be a Magpul Ranger Plate is simply attached to the bottom of the extended magazine itself.
  • This attachment is tied with the Suppressor for DMR and SR attachment for being the heaviest items in the game - taking up 23 units of inventory space.

Gallery[edit | edit source]