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Extended Mag (Handgun, SMG)

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Extended Mag (SMG)
Icon attach Magazine Extended Medium.png
Attachable Weapons
MP5K, Micro UZI, P18C, P1911, P92, Skorpion, Tommy Gun, UMP45, Vector, MP5K, Deagle‎
+ Magazine capacity

The Extended Mag for SMG is a magazine type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

This attachment expands the magazine capacity of the weapon it is attached to, allowing more shots to be fired before needing to reload.

Sidearms Default Capacity Extended Capacity
Icon weapon Deagle.png Deagle 7 10
Icon weapon P18C.png P18C 17 25
Icon weapon M1911.png P1911 7 12
Icon weapon M9.png P92 15 20
Icon weapon Skorpion.png Skorpion 20 40
Submachine Guns Default Capacity Extended Capacity
Icon weapon MP5K.png MP5K 30 40
Icon weapon UZI.png Micro UZI 25 35
Icon weapon PP-19 Bizon.png PP-19 Bizon 53 53
Icon weapon Thompson.png Tommy Gun 30 50
Icon weapon UMP.png UMP45 25 35
Icon weapon Vector 01.png Vector 19 33

Update History[edit | edit source]

Update #27
  • Attachments Balance Modification
    • SMG and Pistol attachments have been combined and can now be used on both weapon types

Gallery[edit | edit source]