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Event/Frightful Halloween 2018

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Frightful Halloween (2018)
Frightful Halloween 2018-Promo In-game.png

The Frightful Halloween is a timed Halloween event that range from cosmetic player skins you can buy in BATTLEGROUNDS.


The Halloween season is here and you can celebrate by picking up one of these frightfully fun costumes to wear on the BATTLEGROUNDS.

Redemption period
  • Began on 10/24/18
  • Ends on 11/20/18

List of sets

List of individual skins

Name Image Category Rarity Price
Haunted Pumpkin Mask Icon equipment Haunted Pumpkin Mask.png Mask Event 10 BP
Sinister Skull Mask Icon equipment Sinister Skull Mask.png Mask Common 7,000 BP
Pumpkin RIP-cord Icon gear Parachute Pumpkin RIP-cord skin.png
Icon equipment Parachute Halloween.png
Parachute Elite $4.99 / 500 G-Coin (Xbox)


Video gallery