Erangel (Remastered)

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Erangel (Remastered)
Erangel Remastered Mylta Nuclear power plant.png
Developed by:
Seoul (KR)
Grass, Woodland, Urban, Sea
Game modes:
PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Mobile
Type of combat:
Medium/long range
An abandoned Russian military island

Development of Erangel began sometime in early 2016 when Bluehole was in talk with PLAYERUNKNOWN about making a Battle Royale game. Years later, in 2019, Erangel got a visual update that overhauled the map. Erangel (Remastered) or just Erangel, got a visual update to bring it on par with the same level of polish as other maps like Sanhok and Vikendi.

Erangel at the start was never built around vaulting (a feature that was introduced later on in development) and now ledge grabbing (what was released within this visual update), this map is built around that.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Erangel is the base map for the game. An 8x8 km map dotted with small outcroppings of buildings, the distance between major landmarks necessitates the use of vehicles to move between areas. As the game continues, the map area will be restricted to a smaller and smaller play area. A red circle will appear on the map from time to time, marking an area for offshore artillery to bombard. Erangel has varying weather, sometimes affecting visibility and requiring a change in tactics.

Cities and the local military base have plenty of decent loot, but you won't be the only one thinking the same thing. A mix of urban areas and wide open farmland create a wide variety of battles, ranging from intense close range firefights in streets and buildings, to long range sniping duels taking place across wheat fields.

The name Erangel was chosen, using PLAYERUNKNOWN's daughter's name, Eryn, as inspiration.[1]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Update #45 (Season 8 - Update 8.3) - vN/A

For those of you wondering what the new docks on Erangel were all about since we added them last update, your ship has come in! Two new Ferry lines will now carry passengers across the water from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island and back. There's a total of 4 ferries that make round trips throughout the game for those of you not feeling lucky enough to yolo it across the bridge.

  • Four Ferries have been added to Erangel.
  • Ferries allow players to board and travel via two set routes between the Erangel Mainland and Sosnovka Island.
    • Each route has two Ferries.
    • Each Ferry will depart from the docks with the first phase of the Blue Zone.
  • Once arriving at a dock, ferries will stay docked for approximately 20 seconds before taking to the sea en route to their destination.
    • Ferries will sound a horn 7 secs prior to arrival and departure. Hop aboard!
  • Ferries are not available in Ranked Mode or Esports Mode in Custom Matches.

Update #44 (Season 8 - Update 8.2) - vN/A

  • Four docks have been added to Erangel.
    • Two docks have been added to existing wharves, one at Novorepnoye and the other at Ferry Pier.
    • The southern beaches of the Erangel mainland and Sosnovka Island have also had docks added.

Update #36 (Season 5 - Update 5.3) - vN/A

  • Loot Balance Changes
    • Increased AR spawn amount by 20%.
    • Slightly decreased Gas Can and Handgun spawns.

Update #34 (Season 5 - Update 5.1)

  • Performance
    • Cities in Erangel have been optimized to improve some hitching and freezing issues.
  • Gameplay
    • Red Zones are no-longer spawned after Phase 3.
    • Vehicle spawn rates have been increased slightly on regular and mountain roads.

Pre-release #32 (Season 4 - Update 4.2) - vN/A

  • Dynamic Weather added to Erangel
    • 'Overcast' weather has been added to Erangel.
      • When a match starts with overcast weather on Erangel, the weather will change dynamically over the course of the match between overcast, windy, hail, light rain, heavy rain (rain with lightning and thunder), and fog.
  • Destructible Objects on Erangel
    • Additional destructible pylons and barricades have been added to Erangel. They can be destroyed by vehicles, weapons and explosions, but do provide a limited amount of cover until they are destroyed.
    • Some existing objects which were previously indestructible are now destructible, such as the traffic cones in Mylta.

Pre-Update #31 (Season 4 - Update 4.1) - vN/A

  • Erangel Blue Zone Balance Changes
    • The size of the safe zone in early phases has been reduced.
    • Blue Zone waiting time in early and mid-game phases has been reduced.
    • Movement speed of the Blue Zone during some mid and late phases has been decreased.
    • Blue Zone waiting time for the final phase has been reduced.

Test Information PC Test Server Availability: 6/6 8:00 p.m. – 6/11 8:00 p.m. (PDT)

Operation plans by phase:

  • Phase 1: 6/6 8:00 p.m. PDT ~ 6/8 8:00 p.m. PDT (48 hours)
    • Partner Custom Matches only.
    • Only the updated Erangel and normal Custom Match mode are available.
    • Only official PUBG Partners from each region can create Custom Match sessions, but all players can join the lobby to play.
  • Phase 2: 6/8 8:00 p.m PDT ~ 6/11 8:00 p.m PDT (72 hours)
    • Public and Partner Custom Matches available.
    • Only the updated Erangel map is available. Quick Join is also available.
    • Squad mode only. FPP only in North America and TPP only on Asia servers.
    • All players can participate.

Background[edit | edit source]

Erangel is a fictional island in the Black Sea abandoned near Russia where a military occupation was controlling it. The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the local populace. After a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.

Erangel was originally occupied by Soviet forces from the 1950s onwards and was used as a military testing facility, which explains the military base as well as the hospital and storage facilities. A local resistance movement fought to reclaim the island which eventually lead to the island becoming abandoned. The electrical field seen wreaking havoc on the island is powered by electrical emitters which were used to contain towns that were showing signs of revolting against the Soviet forces.[2]

Map[edit | edit source]

Graphical map -[edit | edit source]

AA (Erangel Remastered).JPG AB (Erangel Remastered).jpg AC (Erangel Remastered).jpg AD (Erangel Remastered).jpg AE (Erangel Remastered).jpg AF (Erangel Remastered).jpg AG (Erangel Remastered).jpg AH (Erangel Remastered).jpg AI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
BA (Erangel Remastered).jpg BB (Erangel Remastered).jpg BC (Erangel Remastered).jpg BD (Erangel Remastered).jpg BE (Erangel Remastered).jpg BF (Erangel Remastered).jpg BG (Erangel Remastered).jpg BH (Erangel Remastered).jpg BI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
CA (Erangel Remastered).jpg CB (Erangel Remastered).jpg CC (Erangel Remastered).jpg CD (Erangel Remastered).jpg CE (Erangel Remastered).jpg CF (Erangel Remastered).jpg CG (Erangel Remastered).jpg CH (Erangel Remastered).jpg CI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
DA (Erangel Remastered).jpg DB (Erangel Remastered).jpg DC (Erangel Remastered).jpg DD (Erangel Remastered).jpg DE (Erangel Remastered).jpg DF (Erangel Remastered).jpg DG (Erangel Remastered).jpg DH (Erangel Remastered).jpg DI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
EA (Erangel Remastered).jpg EB (Erangel Remastered).jpg EC (Erangel Remastered).jpg ED (Erangel Remastered).jpg EE (Erangel Remastered).jpg EF (Erangel Remastered).jpg EG (Erangel Remastered).jpg EH (Erangel Remastered).jpg EI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
FA (Erangel Remastered).jpg FB (Erangel Remastered).jpg FC (Erangel Remastered).jpg FD (Erangel Remastered).jpg FE (Erangel Remastered).jpg FF (Erangel Remastered).jpg FG (Erangel Remastered).jpg FH (Erangel Remastered).jpg FI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
GA (Erangel Remastered).jpg GB (Erangel Remastered).jpg GC (Erangel Remastered).jpg GD (Erangel Remastered).jpg GE (Erangel Remastered).jpg GF (Erangel Remastered).jpg GG (Erangel Remastered).jpg GH (Erangel Remastered).jpg GI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
HA (Erangel Remastered).jpg HB (Erangel Remastered).jpg HC (Erangel Remastered).jpg HD (Erangel Remastered).jpg HE (Erangel Remastered).jpg HF (Erangel Remastered).jpg HG (Erangel Remastered).jpg HH (Erangel Remastered).jpg HI (Erangel Remastered).jpg
IA (Erangel Remastered).jpg IB (Erangel Remastered).jpg IC (Erangel Remastered).jpg ID (Erangel Remastered).jpg IE (Erangel Remastered).jpg IF (Erangel Remastered).jpg IG (Erangel Remastered).jpg IH (Erangel Remastered).jpg II (Erangel Remastered).jpg

Major cities[edit | edit source]

Minor cities[edit | edit source]

Major landmarks[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Erangel features the following vehicles:

Vehicle Occupants Type
Buggy 2 •• Land
UAZ (Open Top) 4 •••• Land
UAZ (Closed Top) 4 •••• Land
Motorcycle (w/ sidecar) 3 ••• Land
Motorcycle 2 •• Land
Dacia 1300 4 •••• Land
PG-117 5 ••••• Water
Aquarail‎‎ 2 •• Water
C-130 100 •••••••••• (x10) Air

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Erangel features the following weapons:

Icon weapon AUG A3.png AUG A3
Icon weapon AWM.png AWM
Icon gadget Ballistic Shield.png Ballistic shield
Icon weapon M762.png Beryl M762
Icon weapon Crossbow.png Crossbow
Icon weapon DP 28.png DP-28
Icon weapon Deagle.png Deagle
Icon weapon Flare gun.png Flare Gun
Icon weapon Groza.png Groza
Icon weapon Kar98k.png Karabiner 98 Kurz
Icon weapon M16A4.png M16A4
Icon weapon Groza.png Groza
Icon weapon Kar98k.png Karabiner 98 Kurz
Icon weapon M16A4.png M16A4
Icon weapon M24.png M24
Icon weapon M249.png M249
Icon weapon HK416.png M416
Icon weapon UZI.png Micro UZI
Icon weapon Mini14.png Mini 14
Icon weapon Mk14.png Mk14 EBR
Icon weapon Mk47Mutant.png Mk47 Mutant
Icon weapon P18C.png P18C
Icon weapon M1911.png P1911
Icon weapon Mk47Mutant.png Mk47 Mutant
Icon weapon P18C.png P18C
Icon weapon M1911.png P1911
Icon weapon M9.png P92
Icon weapon PP-19 Bizon.png PP-19 Bizon
Icon weapon NagantM1895.png R1895
Icon weapon Saiga12.png S12K
Icon weapon Winchester.png S1897
Icon weapon Berreta686.png S686
Icon weapon SCAR-L.png SCAR-L
Icon weapon SKS.png SKS
Icon weapon SLR.png SLR
Icon weapon SCAR-L.png SCAR-L
Icon weapon SKS.png SKS
Icon weapon SLR.png SLR
Icon weapon Skorpion.png Skorpion
Icon weapon Thompson.png Tommy Gun
Icon weapon UMP.png UMP45
Icon weapon VSS.png VSS Vintorez
Icon weapon Vector 01.png Vector

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