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"Sosnovka Military Base"
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Sosnovka Military Base is a major landmark in the Erangel map in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Sosnovka is a bombed out base that shares its name with the island upon which it resides. While there are a good deal of buildings still left intact, with a good range of weapons on offer to boot, it has a lot of open space, and is far from the map center. This means that, as soon as you drop in, you need to collect your materials as fast as possible, staying under cover as long as possible, and then move towards the center of the map for when the play area is restricted.

Of note is the fact that, besides swimming (which is slow), the only two ways onto or off of the island leading to this base are two street bridges to the Northwest and Northeast. This is a perfect sniping position, as the bridge is mostly uncovered with only limited obstacles. While this makes the area less attractive for most players, it does make it a great area for zone control, allowing you to stay safe at least in the initial part of the game.

Real-Life Counterpart[edit | edit source]

There are around 200 localities named Sosnovka in contemporary Russia. The name itself is loosely translated as Pine-ville, as these localities are commonly located near pine forests. It is unknown if the in-game military base is modeled from a real life location.

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