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Map Coordinates

Georgopol is one of four major cities in Erangel.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Georgopol is a large city on the western side of the map, near the ocean. It is split into two different sections: a northern side and a southern side, with two bridges connecting them together. It is composed of many large apartments houses and offices.

Loot[edit | edit source]

Possibly the best loot can be found here and most of the time, however, Georgopol is a hot drop, which means that many players will choose to drop at Georgopol if possible. Among different parts of the city, the containers at the south is the most popular area to land while the town at south Georgopol is the second most popular place to land. A hospital can be found nearby, which contains equal loot as the town. Lastly, the northern side of Georgopol contains the worst loot in Georgopol (but still good). Though players who want to have a decent start to their game should choose this spot as they will have decent loot with encountering little to no players.

Gallery[edit | edit source]