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Erangel Gatka.png
Map Coordinates

Gatka is a minor city in the Erangel map in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Gatka is a very small village near the western side of the map. It is composed of only a few small buildings, and is surrounded by a few fields, making it a less than ideal place to loot. Hardly anyone ever lands there, making it a generally safe place to land. However do not underestimate this place, you can come out of Gatka with decent loot. And the fact that no one ever drops here makes it an underrated loot spot in Erangel.

Real-Life Counterpart[edit | edit source]

Gatka is a very tiny community in the westernmost side of Russia. It's about 600 km (373 mi) west of Moscow.

Gallery[edit | edit source]