Weapon statistics are currently valid only as of from Early Access. The way weapon data is processed has been changed from this build forward, and as such, any statistical changes can only be surmised through testing and guesswork. Accordingly, this data should be treated as valid unless superseded by evidence to the contrary.


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Grass, Woodland, Urban, Sea
Game modes:
Type of combat:
Medium/long range

Erangel is the main playable map (and first map) of BATTLEGROUNDS, Erangel is a 8x8km island.


The Erangel map is the base map for the game. It's pocked with small croppings of buildings, each with a good distance between them, necessitating the use of vehicles to move between areas. As the game continues, the map area will be restricted to a smaller and smaller play area. A red circle will result in bombing. Along side of adapting to red zones and the circle, Erangel has different weather each time you play in which you have to adapt your shooting, visibility and tactics.

In order to make your best use of this map, you really need to be aware of where the players often congregate. Any groupings of three or more buildings can be a huge choke point where a lot of players are at, meaning you could die really fast. When clearing areas, make sure you approach in prone and without openly firing - this will help hide your location.

Additionally, take your time clearing buildings. It's much easier to move through buildings one room at a time, clearing each, than it is to run through trying to get everything as fast as you can with the hope of not wiping. Remember - it's better to get poor gear and live than it is to get great gear and die immediately.

The name Erangel was chosen because PLAYERUNKNOWN's daughter is called Eryn.[1]


Erangel is a fictional island in the black sea abandoned near Russia where a military occupation was controlling it. The military occupation tested chemical/biological experiments on the islands population. After a resistance attack on a biological facility, the island had to be abandoned.

Erangel was originally occupied by Soviet forces from the 1950’s onwards and was used as a military testing facility, which explains the military base as well as the hospital and storage facilities. A local resistance movement fought to reclaim the island which eventually lead to the island becoming abandoned. The electrical field that you see wreaking havoc on the island is powered by electrical emitters which were used to contain towns that were showing signs of revolting against the Soviet forces.[2]


Q: Will Bluehole ever go back and polish up the map after Early Access? | A: Yes, after 1 or 2 years they will go back and polish it.


Graphical map -

AI.JPG BI.jpg CI.jpg DI.jpg EI.jpg FI.jpg GI.jpg HI.jpg
AJ.jpg BJ.jpg CJ.jpg DJ.jpg EJ.jpg FJ.jpg GJ.jpg HJ.jpg
KA.jpg KB.jpg KC.jpg KD.jpg KE.jpg KF.jpg KG.jpg KH.jpg
LA.jpg LB.jpg LC.jpg LD.jpg LE.jpg LF.jpg LG.jpg LH.jpg
MA.jpg MB.jpg MC.jpg MD.jpg ME.jpg MF.jpg MG.jpg MH.jpg
NA.jpg NB.jpg NC.jpg ND.jpg NE.jpg NF.jpg NG.jpg NH.jpg
OA.jpg OB.jpg OC.jpg OD.jpg OE.jpg OF.jpg OG.jpg OH.jpg
PA.jpg PB.jpg PC.jpg PD.jpg PE.jpg PF.jpg PG.jpg PH.jpg

Major cities

Minor cities

Major landmarks


These are the vehicles that you can find on Erangel.

Vehicle Occupants Type
Buggy 2 •• Land
UAZ (Open Top) 4 •••• Land
UAZ (Closed Top) 4 •••• Land
Motorcycle (w/ sidecar) 3 ••• Land
Motorcycle 2 •• Land
Dacia 1300 4 •••• Land
PG-117 5 ••••• Water
Aquarail‎‎ 2 •• Water
C-130 100 •••••••••• (x10) Air


These are the weapons that you can find on Erangel.

Image Name
Icon weapon AUG A3.png AUG A3
Icon weapon AWM.png AWM
[[File:|52px]] Ballistic shield
Icon weapon M762.png Beryl M762
Icon weapon Crossbow.png Crossbow
Icon weapon Cowbar.png Crowbar
Icon weapon DP 28.png DP-28
Icon weapon Flare gun.png Flare gun
Icon weapon Groza.png Groza
Icon weapon Kar98k.png Karabiner 98 Kurz
Icon weapon M16A4.png M16A4
Icon weapon M24.png M24
Icon weapon M249.png M249
Icon weapon HK416.png M416
Icon weapon Machete.png Machete
Icon weapon UZI.png Micro UZI
Icon weapon Mini14.png Mini 14
Icon weapon Mk14.png Mk14 EBR
Icon weapon P18C.png P18C
Icon weapon M1911.png P1911
Icon weapon M9.png P92
Icon weapon Pan.png Pan
Icon weapon NagantM1895.png R1895
Icon weapon Saiga12.png S12K
Icon weapon Winchester.png S1897
Icon weapon Berreta686.png S686
Icon weapon SCAR-L.png SCAR-L
Icon weapon SKS.png SKS
Icon weapon SLR.png SLR
Icon weapon Sickle.png Sickle
Icon weapon Thompson.png Tommy Gun
Icon weapon UMP.png UMP9
Icon weapon VSS.png VSS Vintorez
Icon weapon Vector 01.png Vector



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