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Chuseok Festival Crate

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Chuseok Festival Crate
Icon box Chuseok Festival Crate crateBox.png

Crate has yet to be implemented into the game.

The Chuseok Festival Crate is a crate in BATTLEGROUNDS.



  • Rumor, PUBG Corp will be releasing this crate for a Fall/Halloween event.
  • Items can be found in the Mid-Autumn Festival event.

Crate items

Upon opening the crate, you get all these items.

Equipment skins:

Image Name Category
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Jacket Modern Hanbok Jacket.png [[Modern Hanbok Jacket|]] Modern Hanbok Jacket Jackets
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Modern Hanbok Pants.png [[Modern Hanbok Pants|]] Modern Hanbok Pants Pants
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Body Modern Hanbok Shirt.png [[Modern Hanbok Shirt|]] Modern Hanbok Shirt Shirts
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Head Traditional Hanbok Hat.png [[Traditional Hanbok Hat|]] Traditional Hanbok Hat Hat
[[File:|52px]] Icon equipment Legs Traditional Hanbok Shoes.png [[Traditional Hanbok Shoes|]] Traditional Hanbok Shoes Shoes