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Ballistic shield

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Ballistic shield
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The Ballistic shield is a special device in BATTLEGROUNDS that fits in your primary slot, it will be available later this year in custom games and in event mode.


The Ballistic shield can stop and deflect bullets fired at their carrier, but the carrier isn't defenseless, they can carry a pistol in the secondary slot for retaliation. As a added benefit the shield is great for clearing small closed quarters combat areas or pushing with your team because any players behind the carrier can be protected from gun fire as well.

Update history

Fantasy Battle Royale
  • The Paladin's shield is a trial run for the riot shield [1].

Pre-Update #30 - vN/A

  • The Ballistic shield was re-added to the game files.

News - 1/21/19

  • Community Manager [2]
    • While we had initially planned for the shield to be out in 2018 we wanted to ensure that it was entirely balanced before releasing it, during that time our priorities shifted to improve optimization and stability, though we still do fully intend to add the shield.

Reveal - 6/10/18

  • E3 2018 Official reveal [3]

Datamined Leak - 5/16/18

  • Shield was first revealed in the datamined files on May 16th [4].


Real-life counterpart