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Angled Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)

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Angled Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR)
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Statistics Updated
5/2/18 (Version:
Attachable Weapons
M416, SCAR-L, UMP9, SKS, AUG A3, Beryl M762‎‎, Mk47, G36C, MP5K
- 20.00% Recoil Pattern Scale
- 15.00% Horizontal Recoil
+ 10% ADS Speed
+ 20% Weapon Sway
+ 5% Animation Kick

++ Horizontal recoil control
+ ADS speed
- Weapon steadiness

Note: Statistics pulled from Reddit

Angled Foregrip (AR, SMG, DMR) is a grip type attachment in BATTLEGROUNDS.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The angled foregrip reduces horizontal recoil at the cost of increased sway as well as slightly increasing the recoil animation of the weapon itself. It is therefore best suited for weapons with a high rate of fire or heavy horizontal recoil, and in close to mid-ranged combat.

++ Horizontal recoil control
+ ADS speed
- Weapon steadiness
~ In-game description

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The angled foregrip is modeled after the Magpul AFG-2 angled foregrip.