Weapon statistics are currently valid only as of from Early Access. The way weapon data is processed has been changed from this build forward, and as such, any statistical changes can only be surmised through testing and guesswork. Accordingly, this data should be treated as valid unless superseded by evidence to the contrary.

Air Drops

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Air Drops

Air Drops are random equipment drops from airplanes in BATTLEGROUNDS.


Air Drops are random equipment drops that come randomly timed during matches from passing C-130's which contain ammunition, weapons, equipment and other things. The planes can be heard well before they drop equipment, so as soon as the player hears the buzzing, they should look outside and try to spot the telltale parachute outlines. A red smoke effect will appear on the spot the air drop lands. With this in mind, other players are going to be looking for the Air Drop as well. This makes it both dangerous for ill-equipped players and a feeding ground for those who are well-equipped.

Air Drops can land in water, on roof tops and even within play area circle or near the rim of the non-play area circle. Airdrops can drop pretty much anything valuable, though they most often contain weapons and ammunition, which is sorely needed in most situations.

Air Drop Items


The following weapons, along with their respective ammo can be found in Air Drops:

Weapon Modifications

The following weapon mods can be found in Air Drops:


The following clothing can be found in Air Drops:


The following equipment can be found in Air Drops:


The following items can be found in Air Drops:

Custom Air Drop Items

Custom Air Drops are high valuable equipment drops (aka the 'Super Airdrop/Crate)' that can only be called in by a Flare gun.

How do I call in this custom Air Drop? Once you find a Flare gun, you have to fire the flare gun in the air and once done, you wait until the C-130 flies overhead and it drops the crate. The drop arrives as would any Airdrop crate would, but instead of dropping high weapons/gear at a low probability, like the normal randomly timed crates. It drops the high tier weapons/gear at a high probability. Which means, you can get a wide range of loot ranging from;


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